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Gluggle - Extra Large Jug - Cobalt Blue

ICONIC  The famous Gluggle Jugs are an Iconic piece of British design. They are  a "must have" for every design lover but everyone else too. The special shape creates the unique "gluck" sound when pouring.

THE PERFECT GIFT  The fish jar can be used as a jug, a vase, a decanter or utensil holder. Its the perfect gift!

MADE IN ENGLAND  The jugs are  handmade in the UK from ceramic. In addition to a variety of color options, the jugs are also offered in a variety of sizes. The jugs are food safe.

HISTORIC  They have been around for  150 years! They are the perfect gift and an icebreaker at each lunch or dinner table, no matter where. They are made of ceramic and owe their charming name to the unique "glug glug" sound that occurs when pouring. In addition to its typical serving use, the jug can also be used as a flower vase.


XL: 1.2 liters, 27 cm high