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A new form of activism.  Redesigning London’s plastic waste - Müll transforms trash into treasure.

Combined with Müll’s South East London refill shop, they are on a mission to reduce our plastic consumption and recycle those unavoidable plastics; creating the first community recycling and refill system of this kind. The plan is to collect London’s waste and transform it into beautiful, useful objects.

The current recycling system is flawed and what goes to our ‘recycling’ facilities is typically just cleaned, sorted and sold. Most of the UK’s plastic waste ends up travelling all over the world, with 2/3 of our plastic ending up in Asia and Europe.

It’s estimated that 40% of our plastic waste ends up in landfill, 32% ends up polluting the environment, 14% is incinerated, with only 14% entering the recycling system.

Breaking the demand for new plastic is essential to tackling climate change, and the fossil fuel industry.

Together we can create our own change, our own form of activism.