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Pelegrims products are formulated for low-intervention and active skincare that work in harmony with the skin, promoting its self-healing and rejuvenation. Sustainability is at the core of Pelegrims, using waste products from wine making processes and harnessing powerful grape extracts.

Pelegrims is partnered with Kent-based vineyard Westwell Wines. The vineyard’s goal is to grow the best grapes possible whilst protecting and strengthening the soil. They use organic and sustainable practices to promote biodiversity! The Pelegrims lab is so close to Westwell Wines that their carbon footprint is limited, meaning that their is direct traceability from the seed to bottle. 

Pelegrims allows nature to dictate their products - patience is a virtue Pelegrims have harnessed from nature. Pelegrims is independently owned, allowing the research and formulation to take the time it needs to create new products that reflect its core virtues.