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Evermore London is the UK’s first luxury candle company for those who care about the environment and sustainability.

Evermore candles are poured by hand in the UK, as opposed to by machine, to help reduce emissions and energy use. Evermore use natural soy and rapeseed wax in their candles – a much more sustainable option than paraffin. Rapeseed is grown locally in the UK and Europe, it’s both good for our health and it helps restore the wild bee population. Evermore choose not to use beeswax in their candles out of respect for their vegan customers.

Creating a brand with an affinity to the natural world means investing in our planet and taking the necessary actions to leave as little impact on this Earth as possible. These concerns trickle down to decisions made on a daily basis – Evermore believes that taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, from their employees and stakeholders to their suppliers and customers.