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Aaron Probyn

Aaron Probyn - Flute brass candlestick, Polished: Medium

FLUTE candlestick's sleek and elegant form has been inspired by the archetypical silhouette of a stemmed Champagne glass. Same as glassware, this collection is designed to elevate your dining experience. By mirroring the shape of a champagne flute, the candlesticks will complement, and add height and a dynamic feel to your tablescape. For maximum effect cluster all 3 sizes together. Hand-crafted from solid brass which gives them real weight, substance and longevity. Material: Brass Dimensions: Care instructions: Brass will tarnish and discolour with time. To clean, use a gentle non-abrasive metal polish paste applied with a dry cloth, then polish the surface until clean and shiny again. Do not use a water-soluble polish. Shipping and returns