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Circular Masking Tape Patches 16mm Shuffle Pale

Stalogy - Japanese design at its best. They aim to raise the standard of stationery by removing whatever is unnecessary, leaving behind products so good, they should have already existed. "What should have been, is."

Stalogy Masking Dots - little sticky circles that are perfect for marking pertinent passages in documents, or signficant pages in documents. You can use them to add interest to journals and diaries, track progress, or even as 'gold stars' to reward your children (or indeed adults!) They're made of Japanese washi tape, so they're quickly, easily and cleanly removed.

Four diameters to choose from, from a dainty 5mm up to a substantial 20mm.

5mm: 5 sheets, each with 126 dots
8 mm: 10 sheets, each with 60 dots
16 mm: 10 sheets, each with 18 dots
20mm: 10 sheets, each with 15 dots