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okoNORM Wax Colour Cones, 12 Colour Pack

These 12 ergonomically designed crayons are ideal for small children and those with special needs who struggle to hold regular crayons.  Due to their unique shape, cramping is avoided and they don't break easily, making them a budget-friendly option. Kids will love using these top quality crayons to draw sharp lines and fill in with large blocks of vibrant colour.  Hands stay clean through use and if any clothing gets marked, the crayon colour will easily wash out.  

Ethically made with polyethylene and colour pigments, these crayons are fab for vegan families.

Children under 3 should be supervised.

Get creative with high quality natural art and craft materials from OkoNorm - we have everything children need to create masterpieces without harming the planet. The eco range includes paint, crayons, pencils, chalk and modelling clay - all made with non-toxic, renewable materials and come with minimal eco packaging. OkoNorm products are all ethically made in Germany and will appeal to green parents, Montessori nurseries and Waldorf Steiner educators who are looking for natural craft materials.  They come with the seal of approval from Spiel Gut - a sign of high quality toys that will challenge and stimulate children.