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okoNORM Nawaro Wax Tex, Textile Wax Cayons 15 Colour Pack

te your own fabric designs with these sustainable textile crayons from  okoNORM.

okoNORM creates a new generation of wax crayons made from renewable raw materials.

How to use on Fabrics:

  • Specially developed for natural textiles such as cotton (not suitable for synthetic fabrics or wool)
  • Wash garments before drawing any designs on them
  • Work on a firm surface (putting cardboard underneath may help)
  • Soft or ribbed textiles (such as T-shirts) may need to be stretched a little to make the fabric taught.
  • Colour using firm strokes
  • Apply the crayon thickly and in block colours (unsuitable for fine/detailed designs)
  • Once finished, cover the design with absorbing paper (such as kitchen roll) and turn inside out.
  • Iron the backside of the design (without steam) until no more colour adheres to paper.
  • Turn the right way around again, and iron from the front side without paper.
  • Leave for at least 2 days (don't wear yet)
  • Wash at 40°C (max) with a mild detergent without bleaching agents before wearing


    Vegetable waxes, beeswax, vegetable stearines and oils, nontoxic pigments

    Age 3+