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Nailmatic - Bath Bomb Maker - Ocean

Have a Whale of a time

Nailmatic bath bombs are especially made for children to transport them to a sparkling world of colour which will wash and soften kid's skin. This kit is ideal for busy little ones to have a go at creating their own amazing bath bombs, this kit makes 2 bombs, a crab and octopus shape!

What’s in the DIY kit:
- 1 packet of colored baking soda (pink)
- 1 packet of citric acid
- 1 pipette
- 1 mold of 2 shapes

What is it made of?
nailmatic bath bombs are made from the gentlest of ingredients and without preservatives. They contain citric acid, camomile extract, vitamin E, sunflower oil and almond oil to be perfectly nourishing whilst also gently cleansing your little one's skin. The packaging is recyclable and printed with vegetable inks.

Recommended to be used by children aged 7 and over. Bath bombs safe for children aged 3 and over.