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Maruman Mnemosyne A4 Notebook Plain

Mnemosyne's Imagine pads are versatile enough to be used for developing ideas, brainstorming or simply taking notes.

Mnemosyne's large format landscape Imagination pads are versatile enough to be used for developing ideas, brainstorming or simply taking notes.

The Imagination pad contains 70 sheets of premium quality 80 gsm smooth plain paper that is simply a joy to use and feels superior that of almost all similar products.

As with all Mnemosyne's products, the pages are micro-perforated so that you can easily tear off a page, share it and compare your ideas with others. The paper layout is set up for quick and easy referencing, so at the top of each page (just below the perforation), there is a space for a title and/or reference number.

Mnemosyne's 'Imagination' Pad represents the third and final stage of the creative workflow. You've recorded the initial spark of an idea and developed it a little further. Now it's time to really go into detail. Mnemosyne's spacious Imagination pad gives you the space and tools to do that.

Also available with plain paper.

By writing and thinking, you can do creative work.
Mnemosyne is a notebook brand for everyone working.

Since its inception in 2004, Mnemosyne has evolved to match the diversification of work.
As a paper tool that stimulates the desire to write, it will continue to bring creativity and new values ​​to your work.

For those of you who take your work seriously,
Ekamone, Mnemosyne.


Paper that allows you to write whatever you want

The original writing paper was developed in pursuit of ease of writing, making it easy to write with any of your favorite writing instruments. The color of the border is a light gray with exquisite density.

Design that makes you feel good

The smart, simple cover and subtle foil stamping will encourage your desire to improve your work.

A lineup that allows you to choose the best one

The binding, size, and borders are designed to be easy to use for any job. Items that match your work style create new value in your work.