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Maruman Mnemosyne

Maruman Mnemosyne A5 Notebook Plain



Mnemosyne Creative Style is a range of top-edge wire-bound notebooks available with squared or plain paper for capturing creative concepts.

This notebook is a bit unusual, in that it's designed to be used in landscape format, with the wide wire-bound side at the top. there's nothing to stop you turning it around, but the place for the title would be on its side, which could get very mildly confusing, if you're easily confused.


The yellow page on the inside has some suggestions for usage - architectural drawings, discussing car designs, keeping in your bag, and sitting in the park drawing dogs. All good ideas.

As with all Mnemosyne notebooks, the paper is very smooth. There are 70 sheets of A5 plain paper with space marked for a title at the top of each sheet (all blank on the reverse side), with a sturdy card backing. Pages are slightly under A5 when removed by the perforations.