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Lottie - Rainforest Guardian

The Amazon rainforest is home to many special plants and animals, and their habitats are in danger of disappearing. With the help of her friends at the Rainforest Trust, Lottie is committed to teaching kids all about climate change and the endangered plants and animals of the Amazon. She’s ready to explore the rainforest in a green romper dress and brown boots, and she carries a handy magnifying glass and binoculars.  This set also includes ten collectable cards with fun animal facts!

  • Green hat
  • Green belted romper dress 
  • Brown Boots
  • White ankle socks
  • Green Magnifying glass
  • 10 Collective Cards with Endangered Animals from the Amazon
  • orange binoculars

    With new packaging it has been created with 100% recycled cardboard printed using soy inks, bio-degradable string replacing plastic holders, and all accessories packed in recycled paper, using fewer materials.

    Lottie Dolls have worked alongside the Rainforest Trust to create a more sustainable product (removing all plastic from the packaging box) using Soy Inks and 100% Recyclable Cardboard throughout. The inspiration for the doll came from Lottie Dolls Creative Director Sofia Harkin, a Colombian Citizen “growing up in Colombia, we were brought by my school to the Choco-Darien Pacific rainforest for a month where we worked with the local communities and kids in particular where we brought educational supplies and helped the kids with their education”