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Lottie - Branksea Sports Club Set - Doll Accessories

 Branksea  Sports Club Set

Lottie and her friends have got the spirit – team spirit, that is! This collection includes three outfits for all of their athletic endeavours at the Branksea Sports Club – serving tennis volleys, balancing on the high beam or scoring the winning goal. Game, set, match!

  • Tennis Club . Sasha is ready to practice her serve in a sporty peach tennis dress, matching athletic sneakers, and some soft sweatbands. She carries a racket and two tennis balls. 
  • Raising the Bar . Be competition-ready in a gymnastics leotard and pink warmup pants. Outfit also includes a gold medal and competition number.
  • Branksea United Outfit . Prepare for Branksea’s annual football tournament in this soccer uniform.This outfit includes a football jersey, shorts, white socks, black football shoes, and red and black soccer ball

With new packaging it has been created with  Recycled Cardboard with Soy Ink, Bio-degradable string replacing plastic holders, and all Accessories packed in recycled paper, using fewer materials.