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Rikagaku - Static Blackboard Sheet

A blackboard sheet on a roll which sticks anywhere with static

This unique static blackboard sheet is amazing! It comes on a roll which can be easily stored or keep it up permanently without the need for any mounting to walls. Simply place where you want and smooth it out. You can use our Kitpas dustless chalk or crayons on this board. The chalk rubs out easily using a dry cloth, tissue or one of our reusable kitchen towels and the Kitpas crayons clean off with a damp cloth (the same as cleaning from windows).

This blackboard sheets comes down easily and rolls again for easy transportation.

We use ours in the kitchen for weekly meal planning and birthday messages. It's quite the talking point when you show guests how it stays up! Otherwise stick it on the patio door so you don't need to worry about stray crayons on the walls! 

Key benefits

  • No need for nails, sticks anywhere!
  • Reusable and easy to transport
  • Not just for the kids
  • Great gifting idea for people who have everything
  • Perfect for any age


  • W 600mm x H 800mm (though can be used in any orientation)   
  • Suitable for age 3+ years
  • Made in Japan