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Kitpas - Bath Set with Blue Sponge

Encourage creativity and communication with this set of six Kitpas crayons for the bath. These Japanese crayons are uniquely designed to be the best bath crayons available.
The vivid colours in this bath crayon set are: red, green, blue, pink, yellow and purple. As well as bath crayons, this set includes a blue fish shaped sponge, and a storage net with suction pads so it can stick to the bathroom wall.
The highly pigmented crayons can draw even on wet surfaces so are ideal for the side of the bathtub. They are designed with small hands in mind so the hexagonal-shaped crayon is easy to grip.

    • Non-toxic and Eco friendly
    • Draw on wet surfaces
    • Kitpas crayons float in water
    • Waterproof wrappers don't disintegrate
    • Drawings wipe off the bath easily with the sponge
    • Do not put crayons in the mouth!
    • Designed in Japan
    • Suitable from 3 years+