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Poppy ‘Falling in Love’ Seeds

A stunning selection of Papaver Rhoeas, perfect for those looking to grow flowers from seed. This enchanting blend offers a variety of semi-double and double poppies, featuring an array of colours including picotees, bicolours, rose, salmon, coral, and vibrant red. These exquisite blooms stand tall at an appealing 80cm, bringing a burst of lively colour to any garden setting. Ideal for cool climates, the 'Poppy Falling in Love' mix thrives in natural surroundings, informal flower gardens, and landscape beds, adding an ethereal and delicate charm to your outdoor space

About   Papaver Rhoeas 'Falling in Love'

The common poppy (Papaver rhoeas) is an annual wildflower characterised by striking papery blooms. The seeds of the common poppy can lie dormant for up to 80 years, germinating once the soil is disturbed. The blooms of the common poppy typically last from late spring to early summer. These poppies require almost no maintenance when they are planted in their hardiness zones, and they are great for naturalising. They also work well in garden beds, cottage gardens, borders, and pollinator gardens.

The poppy is a symbol that has meant peace, death and sleep. When used on tombstones, poppies represent eternal sleep. In The Wizard of Oz, it's referenced when a mystical poppy field could make Dorothy and her friends sleep forever.