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Native seed set

Cultivate plants that support local wildlife and enhance the biodiversity of pollinators and insects. Foster a thriving ecosystem in your garden and bring it to life.

Contains 3 seed packets to grow: Foxglove Apricot, Forget-Me-Not and Cornflowers? Native species to the UK

Our Native seed set is curated to get started with native plants for your garden. Grow towering foxgloves, a nod to woodlands with forget-me-not and cornflowers for drought resistant plants.

In Great Britain, the majority of native plants established themselves after the last ice age concluded around 9,500 BC. The retreat of glaciers and rising sea levels created a vast area of marshy terrain. This area, known as 'Doggerland', acted as a land bridge connecting continental Europe with what is now Britain. Plants, humans, and animals migrated across Doggerland, until it eventually submerged, leaving Britain as an isolated island. Today, the species that colonised Britain before its isolation are generally recognised as native UK plants.