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Delphinium 'King Arthur' Seeds

‘King Arthur’ Delphinium with magnificent blue spires.

A towering gem from the esteemed Pacific Giants collection, ‘King Arthur boasts majestic floral spires accentuated by contrasting white centres. These royal blooms elegantly define the back of garden borders, achieving peak brilliance, particularly in their second season. Requiring some patience, they mature beautifully, unfolding their true majestic form with time.

Blue flowering spires that bring ample food for pollinators. Hardy perennials that bloom each year.

All delphiniums prefer soil that is well-drained and areas that receive abundant sunlight. They will exhibit subpar flowering in shaded areas and will struggle in soils that are inadequately drained or consistently damp during winter. Additionally, ensuring they are shielded from strong winds is crucial, as their lofty flower spikes are susceptible to bending or breaking.

The primary Delphinium symbolism is a nod to cheerfulness and goodwill. The flower represents joy, encouragement, and good fortune as well. Often the flower will be given as a symbol of remembering a loved one who has passed.