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Cut Flowers Garden Grow Box

Grow your own blooms for home arrangements. This grow kit is for cut flowers and attracts pollinators to your garden.

Grow Ammi Majus, Dahlia ‘Pompone Mix’, Phlox ‘Blushing Bride’, Strawflower ‘Swiss Giants Mixed’, Sunflower ‘Teddy Bear and Poppy ‘Black Peony’.

This box includes 6 seed packets, soil discs and labels.

The art of flower arranging has its origins in ancient Egypt, traced back to around 2,500 BCE. Egyptians were innovative in their use of floral decorations, employing highly stylized arrangements in vases for various occasions, including burials, processions, and as table decorations. The vivid remnants of such arrangements are evident in the carved stone reliefs and painted wall decorations of ancient Egypt, showcasing their intricate and symbolic floral designs.

The selection of flowers was profoundly symbolic and imbued with religious significance. Flowers like the lotus, Iris sibirica, delphinium, and others were revered and often linked to the deity Isis, making them staples in sacred arrangements. Such practices are depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs, revealing the extensive use of various flowers in arrangements and garlands, from the fifth century B.C. to the time of Cleopatra.