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Cosmos Seashells Mixed Seeds

Fluted romantic blooms, ideal as cut flowers.

With lacy foliage and beautiful pastel-coloured flowers resembling sea shells, this plant will provide a constant display of colour all summer long. The tall, bushy plants with tubular petals in shades of white, pink, rose, and crimson will make a charming and eye-catching addition to any garden.

Tall strong stems make for great cut flowers. Attracts bees and other beneficial insects to your garden. Dog and cat safe.

Cosmos are prolific flowering annual plants that are easy to grow simply by sowing seeds in the garden after any danger of frost has passed. They will reach full maturity within two months. The flowers sit atop long slender stems and form a cloud of colour that not only looks attractive throughout the summer but also attracts bees and butterflies and birds to your garden

Spanish priests cultivated Cosmos plants in their mission gardens and were so taken with the evenly placed petals they named the flower ‘Cosmos’ the Greek word for ‘ordered universe of harmony’.