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Eco Rascals

Eco-Rascals - Toddler Suction Plate - Orange

Bamboo suction plate for baby & toddler led weaning.

6m – 5yrs

Designed as the perfect portion plate - ideal for ensuring your child has a balanced meal. Use the large section to fill with greens and the smaller two sections for protein and carbohydrates.

Made with 100% FSC certified bamboo which is completely natural. You'll be glad to know that this plate is not going to feature on the newly banned material list - unlike bamboo fibre products which are cheaper to make and quicker to manufacture. But you guys know we don't compromise on product safety or quality when it comes to the kids. 

The detachable suction base comes in pink, blue, green, orange, yellow and grey so there's a colour for everyone. 

Struggling to choose between a cute animal plate or the three-section toddler plate? Fret not - you can have a lot of fun with the toddler plate with happy avocado and egg baskets.