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Earl of East London

Earl of East - All Over Oil - Shinrin-Yoku - 300ml

The Shinrin-Yoku All Over Oil can be enjoyed from head-to-toe, on all skin types, simplifying skincare for busy bodies and minds. Use it as a face oil, a body moisturiser, and as a hair, brow, beard and bath oil.

The lightweight, non-greasy formula quickly absorbs, leaving your skin and hair feeling smooth while restoring its natural protective barrier.

Unlike most other multi-use oils, Shinrin-Yoku All Over Oil is infused with the antioxidant Vitamin-E, which helps to protect the skin from UV radiation damage. It also contains 10 natural and organic oils extracted from almond, rice bran, Jojoba, safflower, grapeseed, black pepper, cedarwood, and juniper berry to balance and soothe the skin, hair and mind.

Scented with an earthy blend of cedarwood, juniper and black pepper, which aims to replicate the therapeutic practice of forest bathing, the nutrient-rich oil leaves you feeling calm and grounded as well as silky smooth.