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Earl of East London

Jardin de la Lune - 170ml

Jardin de la Lune is a luxurious combination of deep tuberose, paired with top notes of blackberry leaf and bergamot, with a base of heady and aromatic cade. This scent is a nod to the gardens of Grand Trianon, Versailles. Commissioned by Louis XIV in 1670, the palace was a retreat away from the daily pomp of the main palace. Each of the rooms overlooked the gardens awash with both colour and scent. Hundreds of tuberoses were grown in clay pots and planted directly in the garden beds on a rotational basis to ensure this night blooming floral scent overpowered the grounds.

Hand poured in their East London studio, this soy-wax candle will burn for 40 hours.

All Earl of East scents are created using bespoke blends of the finest botanical fragrances and essential oils. They are made out of non-GMO eco wax and self-trimming cotton wicks, ensuring a clean burn and an excellent scent throw. Poured into beautiful dark amber apothecary jars, the candles emit a warming glow and work well in everyone’s interior.