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homework - Wood Essential Oil Blend

Think of Wood as growth: the embodiment of moving towards something and of constant renewal. It’s the element that gives us the structure and the flexibility to cultivate an expansive, hopeful and optimistic life (even when it feels challenging). The one that encourages us to look ahead, plan and make decisions and find clarity.

Remember walking through the forest? The deep green canopy above, the soft moss crackling beneath your feet, and the fresh smell of pine breaking through the mist.

An interpretation of the Wood element using only natural essential oils, this scent does differ from its candle form.

Size: 20ml 


P inus Sylvestris oil, Cupressus Funebris oil, ​​Cinnamomum Camphora leaf oil, Pogostemon Cablin oil,   Vetiveria Zizanoides root oil, Salvia Sclarea oil,   Cupressus Sempervirens oil,  Chamaecyparis Obtusa oil