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British Colour Standard

Old Rose Handmade Small Bowl

This small bowl, is a part of a new tableware story; an array of 6 gorgeous colours in our glassware collection, ready to brighten your table.
Made from hand blown, recycled glass, they are rich with colour. Every piece is hand made by skilled artisans and no two are exactly alike. Hundreds of tiny air bubbles in the glass create a light, bubbly effect and add to the uniqueness of this charming range designed for every-day dining. Packed in our simple crisp, Kraft card boxes with 1 colour print so they are easily recyclable.

*The density of the colour and the bubble intensity will vary from item to item, this is a natural part of their handmade production process and charm.

115 mm D (top), 60 mm H, 83 mm D (base)
Hand blown by skilled artisans
No two pieces are exactly alike
Suitable for every-day dining
Dishwasher Safe