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Bobux XP Marvel Dress Shoe - Red

  • Dotted, non-slip grip sole pattern
  • Soft, breathable + flexible materials
  • Lightweight + super-soft foamed TPR rubber sole
  • Designed for the shape of cruisers' chubby feet
  • High wall construction for increased durability
  • Grippy soles + reinforced toe-caps for exploring feet
  • Soft on young feet, tough protection from harsh outdoor surfaces
  • Ultra soft + lightweight premium leather with uniform grain + texture
  • Child-safe + non-toxic, materials + dyes are tested to EU REACH standards
  • Ultra-lightweight + flexible EVA rubber sole to support cruisers + crawlers
  • Durable, smart knit construction using high-strength, lightweight fibres for dynamic movement
  • Ultralight, flexible sole for free movement + ground connection + increased ankle flexibility when crawling