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Ark Colour Design

Ark Colour Design - Boob Leather Key Fob: Black

Designed as a bit of fun, these boobs key fobs have consistently been our best selling line since we launched them six years ago. Although a simple design, the message behind them can be strong. They are purchased for new mums, breast cancer survivors, as wedding favours, a feminist symbol and everything in between. Paired with our willy key fobs they can create a cute gift. Genuine leather key fob with gold plated ring. The genuine leather is sourced from a family run Scottish tannery using skins sourced as a by product from the meat and dairy industry and the rings are made in the UK. Made using the traditional technique of hot foil embossing which ensures a handmade and unique product every time. British made. Embossed and assembled in Scotland. 4.5cm by 7cm