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The Basket Room

The Basket Room - ZAIDI: Lavender, Green & Yellow Tie-Dye Woven Storage Basket: XS / Purple / Tie-Dye

With its dreamy swathes of lavender, soft yellow and sapling green, ZAIDI is a woven storage basket of pastel hued dreams! They’re produced in three handy sizes, woven from indigenous sisal grass in rural Kenya. Use a small woven basket for toiletries, jewellery and watches, remote controls, mobile devices and cables, while the medium and large woven baskets make great floor storage for everything from laundry and loo rolls to rugs and blankets, slippers, firewood and children’s toys. Wherever and however you choose to use your new woven basket it is sure to bring a gentle pop of Kenyan colour and craft to the home.  Basket weaving is a craft that connects generations in Kenya, passed from grandmothers to mothers to daughters all over the country.