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Scunchems Tutti Fruitti Squish Ball

About this item

  • Relax, Scruchems are the ultimate stress ball. Just having one in your hand will help you mellow out, find inner peace, tranquility and a calm mindfulness. Feeling stressed and on edge? Give it a squeeze, a squish a pull or a smush, it’ll soothe your soul and get you feeling fabulous fast.
  • It’s the anti-stress antidote to day to day living. Filled with a mysterious, completely safe and non-toxic, jelly-like compound, Scrunchems are strong, durable and won't break open; they’ll always return to its original shape. Hypoallergenic and completely safe, it contains no BPA, phthalates or latex; cleans easily with soap and water,
  • A unique Scrunchem filled with a variety of fruit shapes that move, push and change position as you squeeze. Each is a 6cm sphere, just the right size for any hand. So grab one and elevate your mood, melt stress away and brighten you day one squish at a time.
  • Perfect for birthday gifts, holidays, party favors, special needs, the office, stress relief and so much more! A great fidget toy; appropriate for those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism and anxiety; helps promote focus, attention and centering.
  • Scrunchems, as with all Tobar products, are made with care from the highest quality materials They meet and exceed all UK and EU testing standards for children’s products. Appropriate for ages 3+.