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Nailmatic - Crackling bath bomb - Yellow

Yellow Pop is a crackling bath bomb, handmade with love especially for children. 
Kids definitely enjoy its lovely color, bubbling pop sounds and berry burst perfume: a candy scented escape to Laugh Tub land!!

Soothing bath bomb

One happy soak and kids will drift off to sleep in no time. 
How’s that? Chamomile extracts turns the fun into a relaxing experience. 
Add to that sweet almond oil and vitamin E for soothing hydration and the goodness trip is complete!

No conservatives. 
Vegan et cruelty free. 
Dermatologically tested
Recyclable packaging (vegetable ink print). 

Adult supervision required at all times when bath is concerned. 
Recommended use: kids aged 3 and over. 

Baking soda bath bombs 

How do we get this magic bathing experience? 
Mostly from baking soda, a mixture of sodium and hydrogen carbonate. 
Commonly used for baking, it is also favored in cosmetics to add gentle exfoliation to scrub products and soaps, it has great skin properties: soothing, exfoliating and brightening. Combined with citrus acid, this light fine white powder puts on quite a show when dissolving in water… What about the crackling special effects? 
It comes from popping candy, another crazy cooking secret agent. 
Crac, bang, plop, yay!