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Müll - Recycled Comb - Van’ish

Müll’s Van’ish recycled plastic comb is created from plastic waste collected directly from our Brockley community and recycled in London with  100% recycled plastic. In fact each comb is approximately 1 milk carton and 2 lids worth of plastic.

This blend of plastics has been put together with the yoghurt pots, chocolate boxes and shampoo bottles of Brockley. These are a mixture of blues, pinks, orange and yellow. 

Not one comb is the same as another, meaning your comb and its beautiful patterns will be unique to you. 

Every purchase supports Mülls mission to recycle directly from the community, within the community. Reducing the mileage from our waste, ensuring it doesn't join the 2/3 of plastic that is shipped overseas. And Müll can guarantee that all of the plastic sent to us, is recycled.