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Little Mashers - Portrait Creative Kit - Design Your Own T-Shirt - 3-4 Years

A creative kit to design your own portrait sweatshirt

A great creative gift for kids, which can also be reused to upcycle tshirts, jackets and more.

Using the simple outline as a starting point, you can transform the picture frame into a unique design of your own using the stencils and inks provided.

Each portrait creative kit contains two assorted stencils, a sweat, brush and a set of three special non toxic inks including a neon, metallic and bright colour.

Paint a thin layer of ink onto the sweat using the stencil and brush provided. Once you have finished your design, leave to dry.

To cure the ink and make it permanent, iron your design on the reverse for at least two minutes.

Wash sweat on a normal cycle at 30 degrees.

Stencils are made from oiled recycled card, that can be wiped clean and used again. Non toxic vegan inks. For ages 3+.