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Heroes of Goo Jit Zu - Jurassic World - Blue

Return to Jurassic World and discover more extraordinary prehistoric creatures in a whole new way! From the makers of Heroes of Goo Jit Zu come more of the stretchiest dinosaurs to jump off the big screen – perfect for sensory play. Jurassic World Stretch Heroes are amazingly stretchy fun!

Jurassic Park Sensory Toy
Meet Blue! This Dinosaur is the last Velociraptor on the Isla Nublar. She is not only the largest but the deadliest - She's named for the iridescent stripe running down the length of her body - a result of her specially engineered DNA. Grab and stretch Blue's arms and legs. This incredible realistic, flexing prehistoric creature can stretch to 3 times her normal size!

Hours of Prehistoric Sensory Play!
When you let her go, she returns back to her original shape and size! Super stretchy and super strong, Jurassic World Stretch Heroes provide kids a totally new GOOEY way to play with action figures. It’s all the sensory play, with no mess. Collect all popular Jurassic World dinosaurs: Blue and T. Rex to create your own stretchy dinosaur world.