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Hello Sunday

The One For Your Eyes SPF50 15ml

Hello Sunday’s ‘The One For Your Eyes’ provides advanced eye protection with 100% mineral filters. Designed to brighten, lift and protect the eye area. A rich mix of hydrolysed proteins and biomimetic peptides to tighten and lift the eye area along with giving a brightened appearance. Infused with microbiome-friendly oatmeal prebiotics that hydrate, calm and illuminate.

Advanced protection with 100% mineral and antioxidant filters protecting the eyes from UV damage. Lifting plant-base peptides help to reduce and enhance expression lines and wrinkles.

AVENA SATIVA KERNEL EXTRACT: Oatmeal helps to neutralize free-radicals present in the environment. This can reduce the amount of oxidative stress that the skin endures, enabling skin to look and feel healthier.

MICROBIOMA active: The microbiota plays a very important role in maintaining an adequate state of health. This active is a lactobacilli-fermented natural oat active that improves complexion radiance whilst firming and re-plumping the skin.