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Eco Rascals

Eco-Rascals - Snail Feeder Cup Gift Set - Yellow

Bamboo  owl  suction plate, bowl, spoon and cup with silicone straw feeder and two straws

6m – 5yrs

Featuring our three-section bamboo owl plate with a matching bowl and spoon set and our award winning straw cup. We can guarantee that you will love this weaning set for the little foodies in your life.

What's inside:

Packaged up inside this beautifully presented gift box are the following items:

1 x Bamboo owl plate with suction base:

This three-section bamboo plate makes serving up well-balanced meals for your little ones easier than ever before. You can keep different foods and textures separate using the three sections and you can be safe in the knowledge that it won't end up on the floor. 

The super suction base is so good that it sticks like glue to any smooth and non-porous surface.

1 x Best selling bamboo bowl and spoon set 

A uniquely designed bowl to aid children in learning to spoon fed themselves. The deep high walls work to guide the food onto the spoon and the super suction base can withstand even the most strong-willed toddler tantrum. 

1 x Straw cup with two straws

During the chaos of feeding little ones, sometimes multiple little ones, there's something really relaxing about seeing a lovely matching tableware set. This cup will sit proudly beside the bowl or plate and make that picture perfect feeding moment. What's more, it will support your child's transition from sippy or bottle to a cup