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The whole vegetable

Putting vegetables of all kinds centre stage, Sophie Gordon demonstrates how to make the most of your leftovers as well as reducing waste in this delicious, inventive and environmentally important cookbook perfect for all fans of Anna Jones.

In The Whole Vegetable, Sophie Gordon shows us: cook with every part of every vegetable, reduce waste, reinvent your leftovers and eat seasonally.

In this beautiful plant-based cookbook, over 130 creative, delicious, planet-friendly recipes put vegetables at the very centre of the table, making them the star of the show and embracing often-discarded parts such as leaves, stalks, tops, flowers, seeds and even peelings.

From Cauliflower Carbonara, Broccoli Pesto and Chunky Pumpkin Tacos, to Cherry Breakfast Crumble, Maple-Roasted Pears and Apple & Walnut Danish Buns, The Whole Vegetableis packed with thoughtful recipes for every season, to ensure that nothing in your kitchen goes to waste.

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780241465134
Number of pages: 384