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Seem Soap - Pebbles no.5 / Sweet Almond

Soaps moulded from real pebbles found in Normandy’s beaches.
From the Parisian Seem Soap Studio, the Strata collection is an exclusive collaboration with artist Lex Pott. Inspired by precious stones and rocks 
and bringing the art of  product design to an everyday object, each piece is made by hand using a vegetable soap base and formulated with natural ingredients and organic pigments. With a light almond scent and together with its colourful tones and sculptural form elevates it from humble soap to object d’art.

Dimensions: varying hand carved sizes. 150g. Materials: vegetable soap base. Sold in recyclable branded packaging. 

About the brand:

Seem Soap is a design studio based in Paris and co-founded by Mathilde Lehman and Valentine See in 2015,  with a modern approach to the humble bar of soap. Designed as an object d'art, each sculpture will vary with time and use.  Every product is developed and hand crafted in their Parisian workshop, using a vegetable soap base, are free from parabens. Pigments are organic and perfumes are allergen-free.