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Matthew Calvin - Thin Wire Studs

Matthew Calvin’s Thin Wire Studs are a range of earrings designed with clean, simple lines in mind, and to add a tiny, tiny, subtle touch of design, whatever your jewellery look is .

The studs come in a range of metals, to match any outfit.  The different colours – gold, rose gold and silver – also mean you can  effortlessly  match your look to your hair colour or skin tone .

Matthew Calvin-designed jewellery pieces  are intended  to mix and match – layer them with other colours of the same design, or even the Long Thin Wire Studs, a variation on this design for those who’d like a different look These  highly  popular, minimalist studs simple, effortless, yet unusual – that’s why they’re some of our best-selling pieces, along with their longer cousin !

Size: 1 x 10mm