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Concretely Co. - Long Incense Burner - Yellow


Handmade concrete incense holder with a perfectly sized hole for an incense stick. The length of dish means all ash falls directly on to the dish which can be wiped clean after each use.

Dimensions: 23cm x 3cm x 1.8cm

Each item is hand-mixed and hand poured in small batches. They are sealed to protect from water and light staining and finished with felt feet to protect from surface scratching. All items are hand-made and therefore each item is unique and one of a kind. Due to the nature of concrete each item will have slightly different characteristics, the small air bubbles and deviations are what make the items imperfectly perfect. As the concrete is made in different batches there may be a slight variation in colour and pattern to those shown in the pictures. Items may include slight specs of other colours due to the materials used. Items should be gently wiped down and not submerged in water

Incense not included