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Chive - Convex Planter - White

If you are looking to plant your favourite succulent in pots, the Convex Planter with it’s vintage shape and colours will be your favourite. You can use it for your 2” or 3” plants...and don’t forget, these are pots with drainage holes…the all important drainage hole that somehow disappeared for a while from most decorative planters. We brought it back with our famous Cube & Saucer planter. Form and function never looked better in pots with drainage holes.

Stick with a clean look with the White or have some fun with Yellow and Purple to give a nice contrast to your green plants. It’s fun to play with a little grouping of three – either three pots of the same colour, each with a different plant, or three different colours with the same plants… the options are endless. How about a yellow pot of herbs in your kitchen? Or a trio of white pots on your bathroom window sill?

The Convex Planters are 3” in diameter and 3.35” tall.

Plants We Love in this Pot: Kalanchoe, Aloe, Cactus, Panda Plant, Sedum, Jade