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Candylab - Police Car

Make way for the CUTEST little cars in town!

The Candycar series is a modern take on traditional matchbox-style toy cars, made from beech wood and cast aluminium to create the sweetest little vehicles to call your own.

There are 6 designs in the series so far - all of them equally bright, eye-catching, stylish and fun, whether in the playroom or on the shelf... Go on, collect them all!

The Candylab brand was born in the USA, with the aim of re-creating the glamour, styling and craftsmanship of '60's America through a collection of beautiful wooden toys. As artists, designers and parents, they rejected the throwaway nature of modern day, instead focusing on toys that would inspire imaginary play - with elegance, durability and simplicity at the forefront.

Suitable for ages 3 and over.