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Brass & Bold - Long Brass wire with onyx stone - Earrings

Brass and onyx (or labradorite) are perfectly paired in these elegant earrings, combining simple geometric shapes in mixed materials.

The earrings are hand-crafted from raw brass semi-circles and onyx or labradorite beads which are then threaded onto long brass earring hooks. The finished earrings hang and move beautifully and are effortlessly stylish.

length 5.5cm / 2.15inch 
stone size 1cm / 0.40inch

nickel free
lead free

Care for your jewellery

All raw brass will deepen in color overtime. If you would prefer to keep them a bright gold-brass color simply rub them with a jewellery polishing cloth, brasso or brighten with lemon juice.
Raw brass will darken more quickly it exposed to moisture. To keep jewellery untarnished it is advised to remove them before swimming or showering.