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Bonnecaze - Saucer

Absinthe bistro saucers had a double purpose in the days before the ban on absinthe. Apart from their function as coasters, they were also used to indicate the price of the absinthe served. The price printed on the bottom or the side of the saucer corresponded to a colour painted on the outer rim. This coloured rim was used to indicate to the waiter the amount to be charged to the customer by reading the different colours of the saucers when stacked. For example, if three blue-rimmed saucers (as shown above) were stacked, the waiter knew that the customer would be charged 1.95 French francs (or 195 French cents, since 100 cents equals 1 franc). When the bill was paid, the money was usually left inside the coaster.

This saucer has a hand-painted blue rim with pinwheel lines accented with dark blue and gold. The mark of the franc is printed into the porcelain before the saucer is enamelled and fired, ensuring that the mark will not fade.

  • Minimum order of 4.
  • Sold in packs of 4.
  • Made of porcelain.
  • Hand-painted rim.
  • The paint and text are baked in the saucer.
  • The colors won't fade.
  • The saucer measures approximately 11.7 cm in diameter by 2 cm in height.
  • The height inside the saucer is 1.4 cm.
  • Fits a glass stand of 8.2 cm diameter and less.