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‘Melvyn not only makes you think … he makes it enjoyable too. He’s brilliant.’ –  John Humphrys, the   Today Programme.

‘In a troubled world where many sneer at experts,  In Our Time  is always a treat. Those who know what they're talking about, talk about it, and they do it under the benevolent if occasionally testy guidance of one who knows how to bring out the best in them.  Listen, read, mark, and inwardly digest; agreeable glass of accompanying refreshment optional.’
 -  Sir Diarmaid MacCulloch

'This beautifully produced and expertly edited book is a wonderfully rich and varied sample of  50   In Our Time   programmes, from ancient Greek philosophy to dark matter via the gin craze.  It will whet your appetite to visit or revisit the many hundreds of other programmes in this remarkable series.' -  Professor Angela Hobbs

'Bragg gives short shrift to pretension of any kind, while remaining stalwart in his search for knowledge. His methodology in  In Our Time  is... not unlike that of a man throwing a stick at a dog: he chucks his questions ahead, and if the chosen academic fails to bring it right back, he chides them. He retains enough of his bluff Cumbrian origins not to be taken in by gambolling and tweedy high spirits.'  - Will Self,   from a February 2010 issue of  London Review of Books

In Our Time
 has been the cornerstone of broadcasting every Thursday morning on  BBC Radio 4  for the past twenty years, with over  800 episodes  since its launch in October 1998. Presented by one of Britain’s greatest champions of the arts,  Melvyn Bragg , the show explores ideas across  history religion philosophy science  and  culture . With a vast array of contributors from the world of academia, such as  Mary  Beard Angie Hobbs  and  Diarmaid MacCulloch , it is one of Radio 4’s most successful programmes, attracting a weekly live audience exceeding 2 million listeners, and, per episode, it is one of the world’s most downloaded podcasts.